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Early Years ICT Training – Junior VIP’s Nursery

At Junior VIP’s Nursery, we recognise that children are surrounded by technology and naturally this becomes a fascination for them very early on. In order to focus this interest and promote child centred learning, Childen’s ICT is embedded in our children’s daily routines and experiences in both Lower and Upper Pre-School.

Children’s basic needs for information and the development of communication skills are key to their success in life. ICT provides opportunities for playing, socialising and learning. Some examples of skills children learn are co-operation and turn taking, investigation and explanation, problem-solving and elaboration and how to role play and imagine.

Bee-Bot Robot-Junior VIP's NurseryOur resources include Touch Screen LCD Computer Screens, Digital Cameras, a Bee-Bot Robot and Remote Controlled Devices and Cash Registers. At Junior VIP’s Nursery, we believe that the essence of Children’s ICT is that it is a combination of communication, information and technology.

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage sets the standards for learning development and care from birth to five. Within the “Understanding the World” area of learning and development there is a specific technology learning goal:

“Children recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. They select and use technology for particular purposes.”

  • At Junior VIP’s Nursery, we encourage children as they are often motivated by using ICT. We embrace the fact that ICT creates and extends both play and learning opportunities and that ICT can be the medium for child-initiated, peer guided and adult-led activities.
  • We also believe that children will become familiar with using technology when they start school and this aids their transition from our Nursery to School.