Baby Room

Nursery Croydon

Aged from 3-18 Months

There is a cosy and quiet area for nap time and our staff will help babies gently into a routine adapted to each baby’s individual needs.

When they are awake, our babies benefit from a wide range of daily activities including listening and joining in with conversations and songs and socialising with other children and familiar adults. Our staff, as at all stages in our Junior VIPs nursery world, welcome the thoughts and suggestions of parents as we partner with you to ease the transition into nursery life.

Messy play, including with water and paint, is an important part of a baby’s curriculum and there is space for physical play to kick and stretch. Our staff will use toys to encourage and inspire movement among our babies and we will use mobiles, outings and new and interesting objects to give our babies experience of a variety of textures and toys.