About Us

Nursery Croydon

Croydon NurseryAt Junior VIPs Nursery, we understand the importance of education and enjoyment for our children and we place this at the heart of a child’s care. We aspire to stimulate and support our Junior VIPs from an early stage of their lives to reach their potential in a safe, happy and healthy atmosphere, conducive to learning and recreation.


Our child-centred and holistic philosophy seeks to develop each Junior VIPs intellectual, linguistic and physical development. Furthermore, our spacious and purpose built garden and outdoor area gives children the opportunity to develop their exploration skills and expand upon their physical potential.

Just like our Junior VIPs’ parents, we want our children to be nurtured and loved in a safe, joyful and welcoming establishment by tender, capable and caring individuals, and this is what we strive to provide at Junior VIPs Nursery. We aim to combine experienced childcare professionals with the very latest tools and excellent facilities to further your child’s development.

We believe that the standards we set at Junior VIPs Nursery will help prepare our children for school and provide a solid foundation for their early lives. We will encourage our Junior VIPs to treat others as they themselves would wish to be treated; with respect, good manners and consideration. We strongly believe that this is crucial for our children’s emotional and social development.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas and, in partnership with you as parents, we will provide the loving care, development and education that your child needs to grow.