Junior VIP's garden

‘Play and Learn Area’ 
Nursery Croydon

As we always say at Junior VIPs Nursery in Croydon, we believe that children achieve their potential when they learn to play and play to learn. Nowhere is this better seen than in our wonderful nursery garden and outdoor play area which encourages children to play in fresh air come rain or shine!


The children can learn to run and play in safety as they discover our soft surfaces of wet-pour and artificial grass. Our Junior VIPs will learn about numbers, letters, road safety and can even write on our animal chalkboards. In our nursery garden children will also be able to learn about gardening as they grow their own flowers and plants in our planting areas. The children will also get their first experience of learning the process of cooking in our Mud-Kitchen as they use skills such as Collecting, Squashing, Mixing, Pouring, Sieving, Picking, Smoothing, Sorting, Foraging and Serving delicious Mud Cakes!


And while Croydon does not have a beach, we have brought the sand to our Junior VIPs Nursery Garden with a huge Sandpit for staff and children to climb in! They can role play owning their own home in our play house and if that’s not enough, they can expand their physical development skills on our climbing frame and slide. In the Junior VIPs Nursery Garden Play and Learn area, the fun never stops!”