Toddler Room

Nursery Croydon

Aged 18-24 months

As our toddlers enter an age of great discovery and adventure, we use play and trips out to help develop a child’s learning and co-operation and encourage them to begin expressing themselves and their needs with sensitivity to those around them.

We have a wide variety of activities including water, sand, paint, glue, dough, garden play with bikes and climbing equipment, socialising, singing and dancing, conversation, puzzles, building and construction toys, doll and domestic play and other small world toys to stimulate our toddlers and encourage their development in a fun and enjoyable way.

We also look to introduce structure into a child’s routine and begin by helping our toddlers eat their nutritious meals at tables.

As always, we will record your child’s developmental progress and share this with you as parents so you can build on your child’s achievements at home.